Galik Bred Ceilidh Band


What's been happening in the wild, wild world of Galik Bred......

March 2015

Website back up and running - woo-hoo!!!!!

After an inexplicable period of "down-time" where the site disappeared from everyone's view, the Scroll of Thoth has been read over what remained and it has now been brought back to life ('s alive I tell you!!!!!!) and is awaiting your eager clicking forefingers to take you on a voyage of enlightenment and discovery through the beautiful spring garden that is everything ceilidh and distinctly "Galik Bred".

OK....tablets are now kicking in so back to the plot......

Please feel free to have a look around and get in touch if you want any more information or help with anything.  Ceilidh "Shangri-La" is only a quick phonecall or email away and YES - even in 2015 we are still performing regularly all over the North East and beyond (we've even been to Ellon!).....



Update......October 11

Good grief ! Has it really been this long since I updated the Latest News section ?! shocking behaviour. I must apologise, I reckon since we've gotten ourselves onto that facebook thing, we've pretty much been putting updates on there instead! oops.

So a run-down of what's been happenening since July last year !  Michty nae sure I can remember, but here goes. Mostly it's been weddings !  Couple of trips away - all good fun as per usual !

We've not had many gigs this October (that's 2011 !!) the 1st October was a lovely Wedding at Maryculter House - great night had and we welcomed our newest member - Dawn Christie - she's Alan's middle daughter and Pauline's younger sister, Grant's sister in law - you get the picture !!! Ha Ha

The beginning of October brought with it sad news that our youngest member and my wee-ist sister, Faye was moving south to live with her new beau Barry, we had initially thought this wouldn't happen until into 2012 but due to unforseen circumstances it forced their hand to act quicker and she's upped sticks and moved to York.  We wish her, Barry and Lucy (the cat) all the very best from all the band members, we'll miss yer banter at gigs, but you can still be an honourary bred member !!!!

Saying that, she kinda left us in the lurch a wee bit and so after some persuading, we managed to cajole Dawn into trying out her calling prowess and a bloomin good job she did too - due to work and family committments though she is unable to give the Bred her undivided attention and so we also managed to rope in Lindsay Cromar who already graces our ranks in the form of our dep guitarist, when Mike can't make it.

Lindsay's very keen to get going much so he couldn't manage either of the gigs in October...tsk !! So we're going to have to resort to dropping him in from a great height on the 4th November ! Watch this space with an update as to how that pans out !

July 10

First gig of the month and what a gig it was - invited back to play ceilidh tent at T in the Park - Saturday afternoon this time, 3 until 5pm - a wet wet wet day with wellies and pac-amac's abound ! The tent was full by the time we finished our second half and  everyone was most appreciative, which we like ! As usual we had the most fun, John jiggered his leg, pulling his calf muscle, but soldiered on throughout with a fixed smile/grimace for the remainder of the performance. It was fully awesome.  We also got a couple of shouts from folk who'd seen us on stage, commenting on our website guestbook, which is fab. Cheers !  Busy month ahead...... watch this space.

We've had a number of Weddings this month and the weather has remained failry rubbish throughout June ! Typical, but none of it seemed to dampen spirits of guests at any of them, A VERY wet Wednesday at Drumtochty Castle for Jen and Shammy's Wedding, a small but perfectly formed crowd and there was always someone on the dancefloor. Journey home was a puddle abound frogfest with a lot of giggles.

A busy weekend followed with a great night at the Bettridge Centre in Newtonhill for Mhari & Iona's double 21st celebrations. Plenty of folk and lots of dancing a great slide show at the break with lots of laughs. Congratulations girls.  Then on Sunday off to Maryculter House to help Andrew and Jackie celebrate their marraige, Jackie is so far winning on being Galik Bred's bounciest, smiliest  and danciest bride of the year so far ! A lovely night and some interesting half time entertainment which surely scared the fish in the river, but had everyone jigging about...!

Final gig of the month saw us travel to Pittodrie House Hotel (some of us twice  - ask John about his bass guitar ! ) to help Phil and Lois celebrate their nuptials. a lovely setting if again a fairly wet day, the dancefloor was full every dance and that's all we ask for really !

June 10

Strangely quiet month for us, having gig at Auchterhouse near Dundee which was a repeat of last year's Sports Fun/Day for a lovely community. A few problems with power and an eventful night all round considering the amount of mishaps getting there. But a great night and a request to come back for more next year.

May 10

Fri 30th April until Mon 3rd May - Galik Bred on tour with families in tow this time to beautiful Blair Atholl to celebrate Lindsey and Paul's Wedding. We visited the castle with the children in the morning whilst the boys hacked their way round the local golf course, staying at the Blair Castle Caravan Site, we had a brilliant weekend, taking a walk back to the castle on the Sunday after being allowed to leave our cars so we could have a few wee drinks !  We walked back to the caravan site in the pitch black - Mike the only one sensible enough to put on a head torch which proved too much for the resident peacock who took quite a fancy to him in the dark !!  As always a brilliant weekend with loads of banter and laughs.

April 10

Sat 17th saw us travel to Fintray Hall to help Jennifer Jane Stained Glass celebrate 25 years in business. We had a great night with a brilliant crowd of folk all eiger to get up and show us their dance moves. We helped Victoria and Stephen celebrate their marriage at the Bettridge Centre, Newtonhill and enjoyed a great niht with their guests.

March 10

Our first gig for a wee while and we were asked back to the Grammar School for their PTA Spring Ceilidh a great night with everyone having a go and getting up to try out the dances. Faye and I played a great game whilst folk were dancing trying to guess what they do for a living, try it next time you are at a function.... shoes are often the tell-tale sign...not entirely sure why !     We also played at Ardoe House for Imogen and Galen Will, a superb night with lots of enthusiastic dancers.

February 10

February was very quiet which is unusal, think everyone feeling the pinch of teh very cold winter and not venturing out for ceilidhs... We used the time for a rehearsal to bring in some new material and our dances have a definite foodie theme ! Watch this space, at a ceilidh near you !!!

January 10

Saturday 16th and the first of the new year - Conoco Philips at Marcliffe, this time in the Courtyard and a depleted crowd from previous years, but no less enthusiastic to fill the floor for evey tune. Thanks to our minder for keeping the band in tablet (even though she had to ask the staff for it !!) 30th and my birthday driving through serious snow to get up to Banff for a change of venue to the lovely Fife Lodge Hotel for the Banff Rugby Club annual Burn's Night ceilidh a brilliant night if a little worried about getting home in the morning, long drive but at least the snow stayed off til we were home.

All in all a great year for Galik Bred, we're hoping to bring in some new tunes and dances to our set for 2010 to freshen things up and bringing Grant back on the pipes is something of a priority hopefully polished enoughfor T In The Park if we get asked back... fingers crossed abdee!